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Blind and Shutter Repairs, offered by Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Heritance® hardwood shutters

We Can Repair Almost Any Blind and Shutter

Do you have a shutter with a broken louver?  Or a blind with a broken slat? Designer Accents At Home can fix almost any window treatment problem.

Repairing current shutters and blinds is often a more cost-effective alternative to buying new ones. At Designer Accents at Home, our Hunter Douglas professionals are experienced technicians that can repair virtually any window treatment, giving them an extended life. No matter what the problem you are having with your treatments is, we can advise you on the repairs you may need. Our highly skilled staff can assist you with some of the common problems that homeowners experience.

Blind Repairs, offered by Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
EverWood® alternative wood blinds

Tilt Mechanism

There are two styles of tilt mechanisms that appear most often, the wand and the cord tilter. The wand/stick that allows you to close and open the slats of your blinds is the wand tilter. The cord tilter has a string attached to a flywheel that is rotated when the string is pulled on. Tilt mechanism repairs are easy to fix and typically not very expensive. These types of problems are very common.


Problems with the barrels (the round drums at the top of the blinds) are also fairly common. In years past companies would use barrels made of thin plastic that over time would become overheated. These barrels would become very brittle and would eventually break which resulted in the strings that hang from the blinds to release and then hang down from the top of the treatment. While the barrels in Hunter Douglas blinds are of a higher quality, wear and tear can eventually degrade their barrels. This type of repair is also very easy to do and is extremely affordable.

Broken Slats

The horizontal pieces on blinds and shutters are referred to as the slats. These slats can have all sorts of issues, including chipping, warping, denting, etc. Hunter Douglas can order the individual pieces that are needed and then can remove the damaged ones and replace it with a new one, making your window treatments just as good as new. The cost of this type of repair depends on the size of the slats and the number of slats that need repair.


The string that runs through and support the slats is the ladder. A ladder string will typically go bad at the top of the window. They can become worn out if the blind is rotated continually in a back and forth motion. Repairing the ladder can be a little more technical and difficult to repair but can be done to restore your blinds to showroom shape.

Lift Strings

The ability to lift the blinds up and down in a window is important but can be difficult or even impossible if a string is broken. Replacing pull strings is an easy fix and extremely affordable.

Our Hunter Douglas experts can help you determine if your shutters or blinds are able to be repaired and what your options are. We can help make your window treatments like new.

Shutter Repairs, offered by Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Heritance® hardwood shutters

Count on our experienced staff to repair your blinds and shutters quickly and professionally – whether you purchased from us or from another business.

Please contact us to get started with your repair.
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