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Patio Screen Shades, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH

Add Outdoor Sun Protection with Patio Screen Shades

Screen shades are a great choice for both the interior and exterior of your home. Screen shades can operate as purely functional window treatments or they can be used as an efficient décor piece. Because there are so many types of screen shades available, you can accent your décor, protect your home’s interior, and secure your privacy with one simple product.

Benefits of Screen Shades


Screen shades are beneficial in many ways, the first of which being temperature control. Screen shades reduce heat and minimize glare, making them a perfect choice for your patio, porch or sunroom. If you are using screen shades on a patio or outdoor area, these window treatments will significantly increase the amount of time you can stay outdoors in these areas. Because the shades block the sunlight from entering your room, without restricting airflow or your view, and can be easily adjusted to block the sun’s harsh rays, the temperature in your outdoor room will decrease.

UV Protection

Screen shades are excellent for indoor and outdoor spaces because they provide UV protection for your furniture and belongings. Though outdoor and patio furniture is often more durable than interior furniture, the sun’s UV rays can still discolor and damage these materials with continuous exposure. By installing clear or transparent shades, you can significantly increase the life of your patio and porch furniture.

Solor Screen Shades, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Patio Shade Sail, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH


Screen shades provide a new level of privacy for outdoor spaces without restricting the view outdoors. Whether you choose blackout or transparent shades, you can adjust the height and visibility level at will providing you with the perfect amount of privacy when you need it. Not only are these shades good for screened in porches or sunrooms, but they can be used in open air areas as well to make the space feel more like an interior room.


Lastly, screen shades are a great way to add character to any outdoor space. Because these shades are available in a wide range of styles, with a wide range of colors, materials, and patterns available, they add a beautiful touch of style to any room. Add a pop of color to your outdoor space or choose a textured neutral, whatever style fits your décor, these shades will make your space feel complete, all while providing you with excellent functional benefits.

Designer Accents at Home in Beachwood, OH offers a wide selection of fabrics with different openness factors, letting you choose how much light to let through. We also carry shade sails. Please contact us for more information or to get started with your project.
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