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Window Cornices, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Parkland™ Cornices with Parkland™ wood blinds

Enhance Your Windows with Cornices

Window cornices are a great option for adding some design flair and architectural detail to your interior decor. Like cornice moldings that adorn the top of buildings dating back to ancient Greek architecture, window cornices are installed along the top section of your window treatment giving your window an elegant, finished look.

Cornices add beauty and function to any room. Use them along with an under-treatment to hide hardware and room imperfections. Or use them alone to simply add style and character. Constructed from wood, cornices can be stained, painted or covered with fabric.

Confusion about the different types of window top treatments is very common, especially when it comes to cornices and valances. While both can be used to conceal window treatment hardware, valances hang down from the top of the window while cornices can be mounted high above the window to create height and drama. Cornices are almost always boxed structures to create dimensional detail in a design. Valances, on the other hand, are almost always draped and soft, to create a lively, casual effect at the top of a window.

Types of Cornices

There are several different design options for cornices, from casual to formal and everything in between, so with the help of a design expert from Designer Accents at Home, matching your specific home decor will be easy.

Wood Cornices or “Hard Cornices” are made of wood or faux wood and are not covered in fabric. They can be stained or painted to match your home’s existing decor.

“Soft Cornices” are cornices that are covered with fabric, usually with batting in between. With a vast array of fabric and trim options, they can be made to match upholstery, bedding or any existing accessories in your home.

Hunter Douglas Products

Parkland® Wood Cornices from Hunter Douglas are designed to be the perfect accent over draperies and an ideal design complement for any Hunter Douglas window covering. Each Parkland® Wood Cornice is made from 100% domestic wood and is hand assembled by expert craftsmen.

These wood cornices can be customized to fit almost any home. Offering 33 options for stains and finishes as well as unfinished Basswood, Cherry, or Oak if you prefer to finish it yourself.

Parkland® Wood Cornices can also be customized with design options such as carved wood appliqués, decorative plate groove, decorative keystones and coordinating mantel and decorative shelves.

Designer Accents at Home has a variety of cornice choices available and our expert designers are looking forward to helping you transform your windows. Proudly serving Northeast Ohio for over 81 years! Please contact us or stop by our showroom in Beachwood to get started with your next project.

Fabric Cornices, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Wood Cornices, for sale at Designer Accents At Home in Beachwood, OH
Parkland™ Cornice with Parkland™ wood blinds
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