Design Tips for Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are much more versatile than most window treatments available on the market today. Plantation shutters can be easily changed with different hinge placement or operating systems. They can also be dressed up with different louver sizes, colors, or complimentary window treatments. Designer Accents At Home offers plantation shutters in Cleveland from Hunter Douglas that can be customized to match your home’s décor and needs. Hunter Douglas offers three different plantation shutters, the classic Heritance® shutters, the hybrid NewStyle® shutters, and the faux wood Palm BeachTM shutters. All three of these shutters can be mounted, operated or decorated a variety of ways to fit in perfectly with your home. Contact the design experts at Designer Accents At Home to learn more about all of the great options available for Hunter Douglas plantation shutters in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio!

Hinge Placement

Unlike most window treatments, plantation shutters can be mounted either internally or externally. Interior mounted plantation shutters are easier to open and operate, but require extra space around the window. Exterior mounted shutters can be used when space is an issue, but they can be more difficult to open and operate. Hinges can also be placed on different sides of the window to accommodate architecture. You can also place them on the top or the bottom of the shutter for a more modern look. Consider hanging them café style if you enjoy an open window at top and shutters on the bottom half of the window only. This is a great set up for kitchens, breakfast nooks and bathrooms.

Operating Systems

Hunter Douglas plantation shutters can be operated using many different operating systems, including the following:

  • The Bi-Fold Track operating system allows up to six plantation shutter panels to be hinged together at once through a top track that supports their panels and guides their movements.
  • The Bypass Track works similar to sliding doors by allowing shutter panels to slide past each other to open and close.
  • Hinged Panels are hinged together and connected to the window frame using optional T-posts to allow for increased design possibilities.
  • The Front-Tilt Bar System allows the louvers to be tilted using a tilt bar placed on the front or back of the panels.
  • The TruViewTM Rear Tilt is a discreet tilt operating system that allows the louvers to be tilted by simply tilting one louver to the desired position.

Design Tips

There are many different ways to dress up your plantation shutters to match your home’s décor. These are some easy ways to decorate with your plantation shutters:

  • One easy way to adjust the look of plantation shutters is to increase or decrease the width of the louver. The most popular width size is 2.5 inches, but that size can be increased for larger windows or decreased for smaller windows.
  • Plantation shutters can be painted or stained a variety of colors to match the décor in your home. Plantation shutters can even be painted two different colors to match both the exterior and interior décor at the same time.
To increase the elegance and warmth of your home, try adding custom drapery or valances around the shutters. Hanging the curtain rod at different heights above the shutters can give the illusion of height.