Types of Motorized Window Treatments

In today’s age of technology, every aspect of your home should have the latest technology to make your life as easy as possible. Motorized window treatments can improve the convenience of your life by opening or closing your blinds and shades with the click of a button. In addition to the added convenience, motorized window treatments can provide you with many other benefits.

Motorized window treatments from Hunter Douglas offer many benefits to improve the way you operate your window blinds and shades. Some of the most popular benefits include:

  • Motorized window treatments increase the accessibility of your blinds and shades because hard-to-reach locations can be operated using a remote or smartphone application.
  • With their cordless design, motorized window treatments improve the safety and appearance of your blinds and shades because there are no long cords that can harm children or pets or that can obstruct the view.
  • Motorized window treatments add more convenience to the operation of your window coverings by using a remote, wall switch, or smartphone application.
  • When motorized window treatments are programmed or adjusted to block sunlight throughout the day, the energy efficiency of your home improves because the heat build up within is increased or decreased accordingly.

There are three main types of Hunter Douglas motorized window treatments offered at Designer Accents at Home. All of these motorized window treatments described below are available with a variety of Hunter Douglas window treatments, including honeycomb shades, horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roller shades, screen shades, sheers, shadings and woven woods.

  • The Hunter Douglas Hard-Wired Motorized Blinds and Shades can be operated using the Platinum™ wall switch, the Platinum™ remote or through a home automation system. This cordless design can be operated from anywhere in your room, which increases the accessibility and convenience of operating your window treatments.
  • The Hunter Douglas PowerTilt™ with Platinum™ Technology for Powered Blinds is used to operate horizontal window blinds from Hunter Douglas. This operating system uses a satellite eye to connect with the Platinum™ remote to open, close or tilt the slats. This allows you to adjust the slats to increase or decrease the amount of sunlight or privacy for your home.
  • The Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization is an automated home operating system that allows you to operate and adjust your window treatments using a smartphone application or remote. This operating system can be programmed to operate on a schedule throughout the day, which improves the energy efficiency and provides an added level of convenience to your home. The PowerView™ Motorization system can be operated using a smartphone application from anywhere in the world, so your house can always appear to be occupied even when you are away!

To upgrade the convenience and accessibility of your Hunter Douglas window treatments, contact the design professionals at Designer Accents at Home today! Our experienced team can work with you to determine the right motorized window treatments to meet your needs and desires. We proudly serve all of Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Beachwood and the surrounding areas with motorized window treatments.